weezer b-sides
Weezer - Mansion of Cardboard
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Happy Weezer Wednesday, everyone!  Mansion of Cardboard was originally written at some point in 2001, originally titled “So Low.”  After some (seemingly mostly lyrical) re-writes and a re-name, we eventually got this recording of the song on July 16th, 2002.  Although it was in contention for a spot on 2005’s Make Believe, Mansion of Cardboard never made the cut.  Despite that, it’s a pretty neat song, so check it out!

Weezer - Smile
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Written at some point in 2000, “Smile” is a song that was released on the Green Album in 2001.  The original title was “Inside a Smile,” but apart from the title change this song is very similar in all of its renditions.  However, during the 2005 Make Believe tour, a new arrangement of the song featuring Brian Bell on vocals started getting live play from weezer.  This version of the song is notable not only for having Brian on vocals, but also due to the piano leading the track, which is not in the album version. 

Not many recordings of this live version exist, so unfortunately this one has some people talking throughout it.  However, the song is still clearly heard and is worth checking out to see a different take on a classic song!

Rivers Cuomo - Crazy One
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The song Crazy One was recorded at some point in 1998, making it something of a rarity amongst weezer songs.  Weezer was on a hiatus during this time, meaning that not many recordings were made in 1998, or at least not many that have ever found their way into the hands of fans.  Velouria and American Girls are pretty much the only known songs from this year besides Crazy One!  This song was officially released in 2007 as a song on Rivers’ solo album, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.

Rivers Cuomo and Rainn Wilson - One of Us
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In 2009, Rivers Cuomo performed a cover of Joan Osborne’s One of Us.  He was joined by Joe LoPiccolo on the acoustic guitar and actor Rainn Wilson on bongos.  This song was never released anywhere outside of being played on Sirius Radio, but it is pretty neat to know that Rivers and Rainn performed a song together.  Also worth mentioning is that Rainn Wilson was the one who suggested the name of “Raditude” for weezer’s seventh studio album, released in the same year that this song was recorded.

Weezer - Private Message
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Private Message is a song that was demoed for weezer’s fifth album, Make Believe.  It was recorded at some point around 2002, and never saw an official release.  However, the band’s guitarist Brian Bell reworked the song to a new track called Hand to Hold, which he recorded with his side band The Relationship.  Under its new title and new band, Private Message/Hand to Hold was once again left off of its intended album.  Brian Bell reportedly made the statement that he could never see this song making it onto any album, but it makes a “perfect b-side.”

Happy new years!

Rivers Cuomo - Some Children See Him
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A few days ago Rivers posted a youtube video of himself singing a Christmas-ey song called “Some Children See Him.”  Originally written in 1951 by Alfred Burt, Rivers decided to do a rendition of it as a christmas treat to all the fans this year.  It’s always great news to hear new material, even if it’s just a cover!  And with a new record being recorded soon, it’s great to hear that Rivers’ voice is still sounding good these days.


Weezer - Miss Sweeney
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“Miss Sweeney” was released as a bonus track on 2008’s Deluxe Edition of the Red Album.  Because the standard version of the Red Album was four tracks shorter than the deluxe version, many people who purchased it missed out on some of the best tracks this era of weezer has to offer.  And we supposedly have guitarist Brian Bell to thank for this track being released at all, so thanks Brian!  At the start, the guitar is slow and melodic with some fuzzy intercom noises in the background as Rivers’ vocals enter in a perfectly awkward manner that rides the line between singing and speaking.  By the time the chorus hits, it is full-on weezer.  A true return to form for the band during an era when there were more misses than hits, this song represents everything there is to love about weezer!

Weezer - The Christmas Song
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Merry Christmas everyone!  This is “The Christmas Song”, a song written by the band for their EP released in 2000, The Christmas CD

Weezer - Christmas Celebration
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I posted this track a few years ago, but it turns out that this “christmas” thing happens once a year.  So, this is Christmas Celebration, from the EP called The Christmas CD which came out in 2000!  Not too much to say about this track.  It was played live a handful of times, and is a pretty fun Christmas song by weezer.

weezer - Like a Good Neighbor
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Recorded at some point in 2010 and released to the public via Facebook in 2011, weezer recorded a cover of the State Farm jingle.  I mean the actual song from the commercials.  When State Farm asked weezer if they were interested in doing the jingle, Rivers replied by asking if the jingle came from a whole song, or if the little snippet from the commercials was all there was.  As it turned out, there is a full version of the song.  It was written in 1971 by Barry Manilow.  The guitar solo sounds very weezer-esque, so it’s probably a fair assumption to say that Rivers added that bit in, but this has never been confirmed.  So if you want to listen to a surprisingly cool cover by weezer of a commercial jingle for state farm written by Barry Manilow, then check it out.  I’m not even making any of this up.  =w=